My Opponent's Horrific Record

My opponent, Rep. Alexander

UPDATE 9.4.2020 at the end of the article.

You've heard of Insane Clown Posse? Meet my opponent whose voting record can only be described as insane. See if you agree with me. Then vote for me.

For those who do not know Civitas, they rank legislators according to whether they vote for "FREEDOM" on legislation, or if they vote "AGAINST FREEDOM". You can only guess where my opponent, Rep. Alexander ranked. Even I was shocked. His votes are nearly historic. I am almost at a loss for words. For example, he voted to allow infanticide.

Senate Bill 359, Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, legally reaffirms that a baby that survives an attempted abortion has the rights of a human being and is entitled to any life-saving medical care available. Alexander voted to allow babies that survive abortion to be left to die. After they were born. I know abortion supporters who think that is crazy. It is too much, a bridge too far. This goes against every human principle.

He voted against citizens deciding against EMINENT DOMAIN where the government can seize your property! Why can't YOU the voter decide? It is YOUR property!

He voted against making the State Health Plan for pensioners viable. He wanted to halt study while we face a $32 BILLION deficit in future because past administrations never put aside any funds for state workers. If we don't act soon, there will be no funds and hundreds of thousands of retirees who face having NO healthcare at all. He says he loves seniors. Nope. I don't think so. 

He voted against using the former film tax credit to help with costs of providing CLEAN WATER! Just so voters know, we cancelled film tax incentives in North Carolina because for every dollar we gave those producers we only earned back 19 cents. We were losing 80% of every film's cost when they filmed here.

He voted against Rural Job Retention funding. Why? Who paid him off for that one? Those poverty counties hit hardest by the recession are trying to create new jobs, attract companies, and provide training to impoverished areas. It was a $15 million grant. Of a $24 billion budget. But he voted against it.

He is against CHOICE in healthcare! Who would do that when so many can't afford decent health insurance? He voted against this act: Senate Bill 86, Small Business Healthcare Act, allows for the formation of Association Health Plans (AHP) in North Carolina. AHPs allow small business owners and sole proprietors to collectively purchase health insurance. In doing so AHPs pools risk and drive down healthcare costs.

He voted against removing foreign citizens from voter rolls. Last time I checked our Constitution was clear and this should bother every voter regardless of party. ONLY Americans should vote on who will serve our cities, state and nation. ONLY American citizens. It is OUR country.

He was absent when the House voted to remove restrictions of state licensing so that former felons could obtain trade and occupational licenses. Who would block something that helps people rebuild their lives after prison? Isn't the whole point to reform prisoners, so they can rejoin society? Why do we make it impossible for many to earn a living?

To summarize he has voted to: 1. Kill infants who survive abortion, 2. Destroy healthcare for all retired state workers, 3. Withhold funds for jobs from poverty zones, 4. Allow government to steal your property without purpose, 5. Block alternate health insurance that companies can afford to give workers, 6. Harm former convicts. 7. Give funds to Hollywood elite instead of making sure drinking water is clean. What alternate universe does he inhabit? Seriously. Who can defend those votes? I know Democrats who think he is not fit to lead.

There is too much to list here. He is the WORST ranked member 124 of 124 in the entire legislature. His votes make NO SENSE when he says he wants to help people. 



UPDATE 9.4.2020

In response to private notes that voter fraud does not exist and foreigners are not voting please read today's article. Keep in mind, these are the people they caught. How many thousands have swayed other elections?

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