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Richard Rivette for NC House 107

(UPDATE 9.19.2020: About the Supreme Court, at the end of the article.)
Today, I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 9. This means a lot to me, as I have always tried to be civic minded and support law enforcement. I worked as a criminal defense investigator for several years on capital murder cases, having studied Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and procedures, so I could be effective in my role as an officer of the court. In that time, I never knew a police officer to overstep their bounds and commit an act which led to anyone’s death. It is actually a very rare occurrence.

For example, in New York City last year the NYPD posted 35,000 field officers who answered over 275 million complaint calls and fired their service weapons only 34 times. In the United States far more officers are injured and killed annually than citizens. Around 30 unarmed individuals were in situations where they were killed by police, whereas over 500 law enforcement officers are injured DAILY! From beatings to murder, our police, bailiffs, troopers, corrections and other LEOs are constantly under attack. Now, gangs in New York have made a pact to execute any police officer they come upon affecting an arrest. Imagine being a family member of any officer. Why would they even do the job we’ve asked of them? Over 99.9% answer those civilian complaints following all procedures in an efficient and dedicated manner. It is disgusting how low this country has fallen, when youth openly march in the streets to defund police, abolish them, and outright murder them.


I believe this election will come down to one simple basic fact. Every American I know or have encountered in this district has worked hard their whole life to get somewhere. To have a family, buy a home, build a business, start a career, complete their education, to retire decently, and to achieve some semblance of peace of mind along the way.

Watching what has happened in Portland and Seattle, as well as Atlanta, and other cities around the nation, we are saddened. Our lives are being destroyed, bit by bit. Not by police, but by radicals, intent on destroying property rights, safety, security, and the rule of law. We agreed on these laws through representatives because for the vast majority of citizens we want and need a civilized society where anyone is free to walk outside, go shopping, attend events, exercise, and enjoy themselves without fear.


Protesting is protected speech. No one argues that. Many older folks I know, including myself, protested for the betterment of society. We participated in securing civil rights for all people. We actively marched and personally worked for these goals where all receive equal treatment. We made great progress. We are not ignorant to improvements that must be made. But what is taking place now in various cities has nothing to do with improving our world.

Thousands of businesses and homes have been burned to the ground. Hundreds killed by anarchists who claim they are the tolerant ones. Cars stopped, people kidnapped and held at gunpoint, so anarchists can “prove their point”. What point is that exactly? That their idea of a socialist utopia with mayhem in the streets, where innocent people are attacked and beaten to death, is acceptable or desirable?


I do not know a single person who screams for us to defund the police. The police are the last line against anarchy in many cases. I have met with various officers in our area. They are bright, energetic, caring, and careful. They are young. My own child’s age. They are trying to do an impossible job in an atmosphere stoked by leftists where ambushes have occurred. Police are being killed, not for something they did, but for the perception they are dangerous. They are not dangerous. The calls for their demise are dangerous and we all know it.

Over three-quarters of a million troopers, police, sheriffs, deputies, corrections officers, bailiffs, rangers, Marshalls, and other law enforcement personnel work tirelessly every day, so our lives are safer where law and order prevails. Most every interaction is resolved amicably. We can go to the store, walk our street, visit our neighbors, conduct our business, and have our kids play outside without the threat of violence and death.

Have there been mistakes made by some police? Of course. In several billion interactions annually with civilians, approximately 30 unarmed individuals are killed by police. Most are justified based on the actions of the suspects. Felons with long arrest records are known to be armed in the vast majority of those stops. A few interactions end in tragedy. Police have only a split second to decide to use deadly force in most cases. No one excuses intentional use of deadly force when it is inappropriate. What the public must understand is of all those professionals, I have never met one who goes to work for their shift looking for someone to kill. It is an aberration. Few of us could follow all the rules that officers follow and still do our jobs.

In the capital criminal cases of murder and multiple murder, bank robbery, counterfeiting, and many other types, I had been tasked with reviewing the methods, actions, and results of many cases. In well over 99% of the serious cases, my clients were guilty and wrong in their actions. Only in a single case did I find evidence of police concealing evidence or harming someone without justification. The people I dealt with as clients were not angels. The police did not just happen upon them. Police were called to an incident. My criminal clients were caught in many instances having just killed someone.

While the left screams about police misconduct, more innocent lives have been taken by radical groups in the past few months than by the police they are assailing. Many police have been injured or killed. Worse, children and babies in strollers have been shot because of the wave of violence stoked by left-leaning politicians. 


This must end. More importantly, for Charlotte, and the state of North Carolina, this kind of violence in the streets must not be allowed to fester and grow. It is fostered by media reports which rush to judgement and make wild claims without substantiation. By the time the truth is learned it is too late for many communities as they have seen an upturn in violent crime, attacks, and murder.

Recently, the unthinkable happened. A small five-year-old child was shot in the head at point blank range for no reason at all. There can never be a reason. This sick act underscores the violence propagated throughout our country. Marxists, and there is no other word for these groups, are attempting the violent overthrow of our entire societal system. This cannot be allowed to happen here.

For all the years I have lived in North Carolina I have had the pleasure of knowing many people, some of whom I disagree with, but I am willing to listen to on any issue. We can agree to disagree and recognize that no one worldview is sacrosanct. Mutual respect is important. When I recently attended a “BackTheBlue” rally, I was subjected to the violence and attempts by BLM marchers who invaded our peaceful event and tried to attack several people attending. Even with the police right there within arm’s reach.

One young woman walking her dog was hit with a pole, as her attacker tried to impale her it seems. BLM tried to throw another person into a waterway. An older man in his 70s or 80s was thrown to the ground. I personally had several youths slam their bodies into me and others while holding their hands up screaming at us to not touch them. I was not going near them. I was merely trying to keep them from attacking the pastor who was speaking at the time by surrounding him. The police separated the two groups. Ours had a permit to gather. Theirs did not. There was no reason to assault our group except to stir up violence. 

This seems like a trivial complaint but is a symptom of something more endemic. The initial confrontations seem to progress like that. Then they escalate, until innocent drivers are pulled from vehicles and beaten until brain dead. Innocent people walking to work, or a store, are hunted, hounded, hit with bricks, and attacked. Or as in the case in Portland, a man with a hat that emphasized prayer, PRAYER! was brutally murdered by a known felon, with his death celebrated by the radicals.


I think we all have had enough of this twisted behavior.

Protests are always acceptable. Peaceful ones. The rest of these criminal acts are NOT.

As a state representative I will call for more training funds, more certification funds, equipment, telemedical care and counseling for all officers who need stress relief, de-escalation training, higher pay for officers at every level, and support to make the law enforcement profession, even more professional. By retaining our best officers, and investing in training and other tactics to deescalate, we can avoid more tragedies.

I will be calling for a sundown provision for those non-violent offenders who served their time, stayed clean for several years, and can have their records removed so they can pursue education, a trade or professional license. This will also help reduce recidivism as many employment avenues are blocked for minor offenders. We will have more space to deal with the violent ones.

We have asked our young people to put on a uniform and risk their lives daily, so we can live ours in peace. We have anarchists roaming our streets now, empowered by the idea that anyone who doesn’t agree with their methods is an enemy worthy of physical battery. This must end. I want our legislature to lead the way, and clearly define what is and what is not acceptable.

We won’t see our churches assaulted, our businesses burned, and our families destroyed.

We won’t see Charlotte turned into Portland. And we won’t see our children playing in their yards gunned down by hateful, vengeful people. The ratcheting up of the left must end. Their purpose was to initially point out iniquities. That was accomplished. What has happened now is violent rioting, looting, arson, destruction, and death.

If you have had enough of the hand-wringing of the left who claim tolerance for all, then directly support anarchy and make excuses for murderers, then it is time to recognize there really is only one choice in this election and that is to vote for law and order. There is a reasonable way forward to eliminate imbalance in criminal justice without turning our streets into war zones.

Vote Republican. Vote for President Trump, Senator Tillis, Lt. Governor Forest, Mark Robinson, a Republican Council of State, Republican judges, or watch this city, this state, and this nation implode. This election is NOT about personalities, but about substance and the law. I urge you to consider your vote carefully.

Please listen to the empassioned plea of this Democratic State Representative from Tennessee. There is a lot that we as citizens agree on, and one thing is how we conduct ourselves: CLICK HERE for Rep. John DeBerry's speech this week.


For anyone who can stand a very graphic video of a criminal being arrested please view this scene. A man who is given lawful commands to put a knife down. The officer even asks him to please put it down, but instead he rushes police. The first seven gunshots fail to stop him. The second officer is told to taser him. The criminal gets up and attacks the second officer and nearly gets his gun to murder the two police officers. Only after 11 shots is the criminal neutralized. Recall this when protesters tell you that seven shots is excessive and police should not be able to use deadly force. When criminals are high on various drugs they can keep attacking. We also need higher capacity magazines. Most of us are incapable of being police, so let's not second guess them in every interaction. CLICK HERE for a disturbing video of the incident.

**** UPDATE 9.18.2020 ****

Within minutes of the announcement that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had died, leftists and Marxists tonight erupted on social media threatening to burn the nation down if the President does his job and nominates a new justice. If the Senate convenes they have threatened to attack innocents, murder people, and burn cities. THAT alone should qualify as an insurrection. If you plan to vote this election, remember who is attempting to hold us hostage as a nation. VOTE REPUBLICAN. We will not tolerate riots and further attacks. This idea you can bully and threaten to murder people must stop. 

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