Why People Hate Political Parties

March 01, 2018

Being a candidate requires you to register to run under one of the major political parties in North Carolina. It is the law. Now, a lot of candidates I've met, don't really fit neatly into their "party mold". Some do, but many don't. But you are stuck with labeling yourself.

I am a Republican. I really am more a Constitutional Conservative. I love our founding documents because they've withstood the test of time. We have become a more mature nation because they limit each "party" at the national level. In our state, we have a similar Constitution, and because of that we have the two party system. Three, if you count the occasional Libertarian candidates who try to compete.

The system is rigged in favor of parties. Which is why a lot of people hate by party. The left hates Republicans. Even though many candidates are not entirely Republican, they are hated. En masse. For no particular reason except they have an "R" after their name. The right can't stand many Democrats. The ones with a "D" after their name. 

Can we not grow up enough to understand that these hatreds are fueled by media, and by internal party groups who WANT to preserve their own power? They enjoy the fact they can spread a few lies and stir up such hatred. 

The fact is, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, doing the best we can to work jobs, build a business, raise our families and get through our daily lives without drama. I think we need to ask ourselves before we vote: Would I want this candidate babysitting my kid? Would I trust them with my cash register at my business? Would I allow them to be my manager at work? Would I invite them over to relax in my backyard? More importantly, Will this person safeguard my life, my property and those I care about regardless of "party"? If the answer is NO, then it doesn't really matter what letter comes after their name on the ballot. 

We need to look past labels and start thinking for ourselves. This is critical in unbalanced districts like mine. Anyone other than a D won't be elected unless people look at the individual. Someone once said we should judge on the content of character,... not on superficial characteristics like skin color.

Oh yes. That was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and for those who are wanting to hate on the basis of party - he was a Republican.

Don't believe anything I say - Watch what his niece, Dr. Alveda King, has to say - Dr. Alveda King Explains Her Uncle's Political Position

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