It Is Time For Senator Joel Ford To Concede

April 17, 2014

The time has come for Senator Joel Ford to concede to me. No. Not the entire election to be held in November, although that would be the most graceful exit from office he can manage at this point.

Senator Ford has reiterated and continues to attempt to seize the moral high ground by claiming Republicans, and my plan in specific to alleviate the problem of voter fraud, have crafted a solution to a “non-existent” problem. He states there is not voter fraud, and never has been.

In our televised 2012 debate, the only time he had the courage to actually face off with me, he made an emphatic plea against voter ID being required as you “have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than finding voter fraud in North Carolina.” To which I pointed out the nine people arrested the day before for voter fraud. He was struck nine times that day alone. The Board of Elections noted 30,000 dead people on the voting rolls. He seemed to dismiss all this as nonsense. And called me silly for bringing it up.

Well, Senator. I am afraid you have been struck last month, March 2014, with almost 800 DEAD people having voted in November 2012. I warned you. That number could have been employed to deny any candidate from being elected, not just those from my party. You should be the first to call for a full investigation. But you remain silent.

Then, last week, we learned that 35,000+ individuals VOTED in TWO states in multiple precincts which is clearly voter fraud on a massive scale. Then, we learned about 155,000+ voters who have registered in multiple states to vote using the same first and last name, same social security number and same date of birth. This amount of fraud is not coincidence and is not something you can ignore Senator, yet you remain silent.

And on April 16th, 2014 we find this gem published from Voter Integrity Project, yet another 20,000 false voter registrations. If I were a suspicious individual who does not like to give people the benefit of the doubt, I would say the Democratic party with these massive extra registrations, massive number of dead voters, massive multiple registered individuals and massive voter fraud of over 30,000 people voting MORE THAN ONCE constituted a conspiracy within your party. I could understand a handful of misguided souls attempting to vote for their favorite candidate, but this type of fraud and amount smacks more of a conspiracy to steal elections.

Yet, Senator Joel Ford stands firm, and remains silent. I wonder how silent he would be if the shoe were on the other proverbial foot? What if it turns out ALL those registrations and multiple votes were solidly Republican voters. Would you then believe in voter fraud?

I believe you Senator are the fraud. You should concede the election, but in lieu of that I would accept you simply conceding the facts. The investigations were conducted by the Board of Elections which is headed by a Democrat. This is the first audit of its kind in history. Who knew we would find such amazing amounts of voter fraud? I believe you did. And you helped cover it up. That is why you were so smug and self-assured during our one debate. Tell me though, how does it feel to be struck by nearly 200,000 lightning strikes in one month?

My debate challenge still stands. I will meet you in public at a church or other friendly location to your campaign, you can fill the hall with your supporters, and by the end of several hours covering every issue, I fully expect that they will vote for me, because I have the facts on my side. Do you have the courage to meet me Senator?

I await your response.


More Than 20,000 NC Voters Have Fake Registration Addresses
April 16, 2014
(Raleigh, NC)— APR 16, 2014—The Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, today, submitted data to the NC State Board of Elections that show 20,532 NC voters were registered at street addresses that do not exist and 13,027 (or 63.4%) of them listed a post office box as their alternative mailing address.

“We are amazed that counties allow people to vote with a non-existent registration address,” said Jay DeLancy, “and wonder how election officials can correctly assign these voters to a precinct when they give a PO Box as their secondary address.”

Last week, the group posted email from Buncombe County Emergency services and from a US Postal Service representative, confirming that zero addresses do not exist.

“Any mailing with a zero as a street number will be returned to sender as an insufficient address,” according to an email message VIP-NC received from a Post Office employee in Buncombe County and confirmed separately by a postal official at the USPS central call center (who refused to give her name).

“The single factor in issuing correct ballots to voters is where they lay their head at night,” said DeLancy, “but when a voter lists a non-existent residential address, we get worried; and when they list a PO Box as their secondary address, we get angry that county election officials are tolerating such sloppy list maintenance.”

VIP-NC released a list of the top 15 counties with the most registrations from zero-address voters. The data, from December 2013, was confirmed in April 2014, but April’s data excluded 12 counties due to problems with the NC BoE website. The partial April figures confirmed overall trends with 65% listing a PO Box as a secondary address and a minor amount of voters removed who died or moved away. They’re still researching the number who voted, but 14,998 (73%) of the December voters had their status listed as “active.”

“We want these fictional registration addresses to be investigated and explained to the public,” DeLancy said. “Holes in the system like this make us wonder if certain election offices can even do their jobs.”


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