Congratulations to my opponent for holding a State Senate seat in a district weighted 87% in his favor. Now that he has won, the hard work begins. Maybe now he will explain how he intends to effect positive change with our limited state budget. He worked very hard to win. But he neglected to tell us how he was going to raise all the money to fund his desired expansion of benefits programs... I have actual plans that will work without raising taxes. 

Unfortunately, his ideas, like the Film Tax Credit he wants to restore is a drain on state funds - you see, had he done the research he would know that state businesses only earned back 19 cents on every dollar the state invested in each film. So he can't do that as it doesn't generate income. It actually costs us money, which is why it was cancelled.

With the passage of the Constitutional Amendment limiting the tax rates he can't raise taxes above 7%. CLICK BELOW TO READ ON...

So he talked a lot about my proposals to expand revenue through business development zones. Except he has never run a business before. Or developed anything. So he doesn't know anything about such zones or how they operate, or what companies to approach to gain needed jobs. In fact, he has no business experience whatsoever. Zero. He just simply parroted my idea without knowing the details. Good luck, Mr. Mohammed. You will not increase income for our state because you don't know how. I spent eight years researching and developing plans. I spent a lot of time educating voters and still they chose someone who has never raised a dime in private capital.

I wish you well Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, and North Carolina. I ran for the State Senate for the last time. My intention was to help our 10 million plus citizens. It is up to someone else to step up for this seat as I believe no election should go unchallenged.

To all those who voted for me, you are a blessing. Thank you so much.

To his fellow legislators, good luck. Mr. Mohammed on more than one occasion asked me to feed him my ideas after the election because they were so good and would solve issues. I already gave him the ideas, but I can't give him the 40 years experience needed to execute the ideas. All that knowledge and those skill sets are impossible to relate.

I guess you get what you vote for...

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