My opponent's bankrupt business record

February 19, 2016

According to the latest article dated February 15, 2016, on the North Carolina State Senate district 38 race in the Charlotte Observer, my opponent, Senator Joel Ford is a big talker. He says he is “passionate” about small business growth, then cites nearly 8 year-old data from the US Census to support a contention that is no longer valid. Small business does provide some jobs now, but has been hit hard in North Carolina because of regulation, and a lack of industrial expansion. Those are typically lower paying jobs, and won’t address the fact that our area needs a great influx of career opportunities with light-duty industrial manufacturing.

My opponent speaks about creating jobs with good wages, yet offers no ideas on how to actually use the power of government to assist business. He is evidently clueless and his own business record supports that claim. Anyone can say that jobs are a good idea. Of course they are needed. Just how does he propose we get them? He has no idea.

Thank you and credit to the Charlotte Observer’s Karen Sullivan for the information about Ford’s string of business failures, foreclosure and judgements against him. It now makes sense why he continues to take tens of thousands of dollars in for his “campaign expenses” for a job that pays $14,000 per year. He has some substantial judgments against him.

For the record, I have never had a judgement against me, been foreclosed, or had a business fail. I also have never been late with a credit payment or mortgage in 35 years, nor do I have any criminal record whatsoever.

Here is the background on my opponent. Now, who should be helping to manage a $20 billion annual state budget?

And I quote, “Ford: His own small businesses included Premier Holdings Group and Ford Container Industries. Neither is active today, and the recession created a turbulent environment for those enterprises, Ford said.

A $90,000 judgment was awarded to Bank of America in 2007 against Ford and two partners at Premier Holdings Group, a search of public records shows. The judgment is listed as unpaid.

A $37,000 judgment was awarded to the city of Charlotte in 2007 against Ford Container Industries, a search of public records shows. According to a city letter to Ford, the city has recovered its money.

Ford said he faced a foreclosure in 2006 because of ‘business not generating enough income to cover those obligations.’ He said he has learned to be a better businessman because of his experiences in turbulent financial times.”

Senator Ford may have learned some valuable lesson about business by his string of disasters, but he still hasn’t paid his nearly ten-year old judgment. He has had every enterprise he worked at shutter their doors. He is currently listed as an "executive" with a firm that apparently does no business anywhere. All these failures should be a red flag that he is not fit to be your Senator.

This year, cross the line. The 56% African-American voters, most all of whom comprise the 63% Democrats of this district, according to the paper, need to think about their choices and vote for the more qualified candidate. Senator Ford has proven his inability to get anything done in the legislature, while raking in campaign cash. This does not help our district. It does not provide jobs. It only helps Mr. Ford. It is time for a change.

This year, let’s put Charlotte back to work. VOTE RIVETTE for NC State Senate 38.

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