PROnc - We Must Reform Our State

PROnc - We Must Reform Our State

"We MUST target the TWO top priorities for companies looking to grow in North Carolina, so they can create MORE jobs."

While government doesn't create jobs, it can lay the foundation for the firms that do. We need to continue to reduce the complexity and burden of our entire tax structure, which is why Richard Rivette supports the FAIR TAX or a much simpler alternative to our entire tax code. And we MUST improve schools and job training opportunities.

With his advice, learn how we can accomplish our goals for Charlotte and North Carolina!

Our tax code is onerous. While some progress has been made to streamline it, there are more drastic measures required if we are to foster fairness for all. If you would examine the FAIR TAX and other simpler methods Richard Rivette believes you will find an avenue that no state has yet implemented, but is the future of taxation in this country. Our current system pretends to be neutral and not burden the poor, or the rich, but the facts belie those assumptions. The more you earn, the more you are taxed. And the taxes that there are for the working poor are unacceptable. Impoverished persons are disproportionately held back from leaving poverty.

Richard Rivette believes we must eliminate most taxation in place to achieve a sustainable level that does not penalize success. The FAIR TAX does this and more. Think about the facts. There is an underground economy that never gets claimed on income taxes by those engaged in criminal or other cash-based activity. It accounts for nearly 40% of income but the city, state or Federal governments never see any revenue from it.

Once you move to a sales only tax policy, with prebate vouchers to those under the poverty line, no poor will pay any tax, not even hidden taxes. The middle class will pay less overall, and the rich will pay less as well. How is this possible? Remember, we are losing half our revenue at this time to people who will never report income. The new tax dollars generated by eliminating income taxation is guaranteed with no enforcement necessary.

Everyone buys things. Groceries, cars, homes and more. Those who previously hid their assets have no choice under the FAIR TAX or ONE TAX but to pay for their purchases including the taxes they used to avoid. Existing taxpayers will see relief, while the poor will see no taxation finally.

As a person increases their wealth and ability to move beyond poverty, only then will they experience any sales taxes. Yet, all citizens will continue to get their same prebate check up to the poverty line. It is FAIR for all, and never penalizes. There is no need for other forms of taxation.

Business will appreciate the stability and want to grow in this environment. They will know North Carolina is serious about eliminating all lobbying (nothing to lobby for in the way of tax breaks) and creating a level playing field with other states that have NO income tax now. We can attract new business, new technology and establish North Carolina as the Silicon Valley of the East for companies fleeing California, with European firms also moving here.

This year, Don't Forget, Vote Rivette for NC State Senate 38

Let's Get To Work!

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