PROjobs - Let's Get To Work!

PROjobs - Let's Get To Work!

Vote for the PROjobs candidate. Richard Rivette has a history of creating JOBs with new and existing companies. By concentrating on the redevelopment of our district (the west and north light industrial areas of Mecklenburg county), the state tax code and the education system, including both public schools and higher ed, we can build what we need to succeed and lift many of our families out of this recession.

Richard Rivette has written more about this topic in the past to enlighten voters about what can be done at the state level to create a welcoming environment to new companies, startups and relocating national and regional firms. As a city and state we often negate some of the very best features of our communities through territorial disputes. He seeks to end that.

This year we must continue to focus on jobs, both allowing the creation of new careers, and the re-training of ALL those displaced by the recession.  Regardless of the figures reported, unemployment in Charlotte remains dangerously high, especially in this district. We seem to be the last to benefit from any recovery. My opponent has done nothing to attract and retain new business. There are opportunities out there but very often our state, city and bureacracy in general destroys ventures before they have a chance to grow.

"This election and this Senate seat cannot be about party, politics, or ethnicity. We must work together or we will fail as a community. For over three years now, I have not seen any action from our incumbent Senator on planning for growth, which is always the first step to making it a reality. I am PROgrowth for many reasons, the most obvious of which is gainful and rewarding employment for all citizens."

"I was chastised in my 2012 campaign for telling an audience that we do not have to raise taxes. That one cannot plan on lowering taxes. With proper planning, we can avoid burdening business further." Businesses plan for years in advance. Without stability, their number one concern, businesses will leave the state.

While many consumers may be unaware, whenever you raise taxes on corporations you simply raise the price of goods and services everyone buys. These companies cannot absorb more costs without charging more. So it is counterproductive to continually attack the very companies you hope to have expand and provide more jobs.

We still have enormous waste in this state that few are addressing. The point is that WITH planning we demonstrate to the business community at large that North Carolina will stabilize its expenses, and that will establish growth. It is NOT just the tax rate which destroys our efforts, but the lack of foresight and planning.

This year, Don't Forget, Vote Rivette for NC State Senate 38

Let's Get To Work!

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