PROcharlotte - Revitalize This Region!

PROcharlotte - Revitalize This Region!

As the PROcharlotte candidate Richard Rivette will propose citizen committees to help us plan extensive new development of the Charlotte metro region, but especially focus on his district, which is still greatly affected by the last recession, unemployment, hour reductions and the departure of decent wage jobs. "Our focus must be on attracting new ventures and employing our local Charlotte neighbors." We must aggressively seek opportunities like the Toyota manufacturing facilities we lost to other states because our current Senator is too busy to be bothered promoting this region.

Through prudent use of funds Richard Rivette can design and implement this strategy and gain local, state and national support. A private-public alliance which has worked in other nations trying to recover from impoverished conditions will work here. We have many advantages, including a vibrant development and construction industry that would wholeheartedly assist in re-creating Charlotte’s west side, from the Airport area to Mountain Island lake. The entire WEST SIDE corridor including Beattie's Ford Road and surrounding areas would be perfect to attract new business, training centers, and get good-paying jobs into the communities where they are needed most.

With such efforts we will create new jobs, opportunity and attract domestic and foreign investors/firms. As a state, we have most of the pieces necessary in place already. But we have failed to produce a comprehensive vision for revitalization. There have been minor efforts in the past but our city, our unemployed, and the families of this district require more effort.

The old saying, "A rising tide, lifts all boats..." holds true. Until we accept that we must concentrate on attracting light duty and other manufacturing concerns to Charlotte and our district, the impoverished areas around us will not change. We must plan and execute to gain the business we need so that unskilled, semi-skilled, and more professionals have great career opportunities. Only when every family has a chance to raise their living standard will we see a reduction in crime, better schools, and happier citizens.

Richard Rivette's background allows him to liaison with professionals most able to make the vision a reality. This is vision with a mission, and certainly with integrity. He will involve community leaders from every area to make sure the planning takes shape to best serve our citizens and fellow Charlotteans.

This year, Don't Forget, Vote Rivette for NC State Senate 38

Let's Get To Work!


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