The Democrats Still Wear Hoods and Masks

The Democrats Still Wear Hoods and Masks
August 10, 2018

Does anyone actually read the news? Not just view video clips, but learn the details?

I do. I need to know. When you see Antifa (supposed anti-fascists), what does that remind you of from history?

They tout socialism, which makes them socialists. The NAZIs were national socialists. The very people they claim to oppose shared their beliefs. Antifa touts globalism which makes them communist (the red hammer and sickle flags they carry are communist flags). They are invariably DEMOCRATS. These are not the Democrats of our youth. JFK and others would abhor them. They wear masks and hoods because they know what they are doing, attacking innocent people on the street, in restaurants, and at work is WRONG. They are violent. And worst, they feel justified to use violence against anyone that will not agree with them.

The most recent incident (August 2018) involving national news figure Candace Owens, who is black, and the police protecting her when she was attacked on the street, who were black and Hispanic, should give everyone pause.

1. No matter how much you disagree with someone you have no right to physically scream in their face, throw things at them, hit them, use weapons on them, nor stalk them. That is what Antifa did. A bunch of white guys and gals in hoods and masks attacked a black woman at a restaurant, drove her out, then followed her chanting threats.

This is not similar to something in history. This is exactly the same as the history of the KKK. This is exactly what hooded figures did to terrorize blacks and others across this nation for decades. Minorities were denied service, denied peace, and more. Antifa can pretend they are fighting for justice, but the irony cannot be lost that they attacked a black woman because she didn't agree with them.

And the disagreement is over items like tax policy, and political stance. Antifa has never been able to point to an underlying grievance except to call everyone racists, which we are not.

2. No matter who you are, including the Democratic party and Antifa, you have a right to speak, to walk freely in public, to be served, to eat in peace, to not be assaulted. YOUR rights end when you infringe on others. There have been 530+ serious documented attacks on Trump supporters since before the election from these so called "rights" groups. People were sent to the hospital. For attending a Trump rally. For wearing a baseball cap.

The Democrats would like to tell you Trump and anyone who supports him are racists. Untrue. Our President has worked tirelessly to open up new investigations into poverty, prisons and other features of our society which drag down American families. He has worked to free captives from overseas, not caring about their race. He has freed those unjustly imprisoned. He had won awards and the praise of many minority groups for 40 years prior to running for President. He integrated country clubs and ended discrimination when he took ownership of resorts. History doesn't change. What you've been told has changed.

The left in this nation has gone over the edge. They threaten, harm and belittle anyone, including blacks, who demand to think for themselves. 

Can anyone else in this district see that this community has been played by the Democrats? A few minority officials get into office and that is supposed to be a big deal. They enrich themselves. We've seen it repeatedly. Conditions in the inner city barely improve or get worse. Yet, here we are again, about to let another Democrat with a hidden agenda control your lives if he gets elected to the State Senate.

As your State Senator, I would support the arrest of anyone wearing a hood or mask to threaten or harass others. It is not acceptable. It is a part of violent history that must end. The Democrats have a history of subjugating minorities. They voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments which declared slaves were PEOPLE and freed them! They created Jim Crow laws. They denied the vote to blacks for decades. They practiced eugenics, forced sterilization, and the destruction of black children until the 1970s in North Carolina! They stood against the Civil Rights Amendment in Congress until President Johnson said that black people would vote for the Democrats for 100 years if it was passed.

Fifty-four years later and he was right. The perception is that the Democrats are your friend. They want to claim all the racists came over to the Republican party. No. No they did not. Hillary Clinton called Democratic Senator Robert Byrd her mentor. A guiding light for her. He was a Grand Dragon in the KKK. How clear does this have to be?

Democrats are not what they propose. They destroyed the family with the removal of the father imposing welfare restrictions which guarantee NO WAY OUT. They destroyed the economic infrastructure of black communities where they once thrived more than now. They destroyed this nation's manufacturing base when they taxed them to death. They left the country. Wouldn't you? They destroyed the ability of communities to rebuild. Crime became so rampant from the lack of employment that cities became wastelands, food deserts, and areas where no services are present at all. The Democrats undermined advancement while telling black people they are your friend. They are not.

Did you know it was Nixon who supported and passed Affirmative Action, not the Democrats?

President Nixon asserted, "We would not impose quotas, but would require federal contractors to show 'affirmative action' to meet the goals of increasing minority employment." A Republican forced government bidders to comply and hire, train, employ, and advance minorities. We've been lied to for years.

As a candidate who has an 85% deficit running in this race I have to do what I say I will do once in office. If I don't perform well for this district, I automatically lose. I am asking the families trapped in poverty here to think about this carefully. Do you want an advocate who can truly get more jobs to this area, more services, more help - or do you still believe the Democrat in the race is being honest when he won't even state whether he would try to impose Sharia law if given the chance?

Look at the chart on my opening article. This state has improved incredibly since Republicans took control from 44th in U.S. business climate for job creation to 11th. We are number one in many subcategories. More young people in this district are working than ever before. They have a chance. Do not give the Democrats the state back to destroy our surplus, to impose incredible taxation, and remove the progress we've made. Businesses are LEAVING California because of taxation. North Carolina cannot afford to slip backwards because my opponent wants to "tax the rich". I have some sad news for everyone. Even if you taxed every single rich person in this nation every cent they have you couldn't run the government for more than 90 days. 

When you impose higher corporate taxes you tax the poor! Every product goes up in price because companies don't absorb the tax, YOU DO! You also lose any of the jobs they would create because they can't afford to expand when taxes are higher.

Charlotte was just named the top most up and coming city for livability in this nation. We have a long way to go for many who live here, but we are making good strides. Let us continue that.

It is time to #WalkAway

Vote Rivette this year.

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