Richard Rivette

Richard Rivette

Richard is the North Carolina State Senate candidate for District 38 comprising the West side of Mecklenburg County, north area below Huntersville but above Uptown, and the University area of the city. His desire is to bring more viable companies to North Carolina, increase job opportunities, job training, and expand school choice by fully funding all education venues.

Where's The Beef?

Better Yet... Where's The Money?

My opponent keeps railing about having a majority that will reprioritize spending in North Carolina. There is a limited amount of income in the form of revenue produced by individuals and businesses that the state is given to spend. There is no additional pot of money available. I challenge him and anyone else out there to tell me in this summary of state spending exactly WHAT we are supposed to stop spending on so we can get teacher's further raises, build affordable housing, expand Medicaid, etc.

All of the spending ideas from Democrats are GOOD. They really are what is best for our citizens. We ALL want children cared for with a good education, a decent meal and a roof over their head. That would be ideal. We cannot deficit spend to achieve it. North Carolina finally paid back some of its long-term debt so we are not constantly paying interest on debt for overspending which occurred many years ago.

A Living Wage is a fallacy, a falsehood and can never help the poor. In fact, it harms them.

I took law courses as well as my opponent, but what he doesn't know is product development and how companies function. He has never owned or operated a business which is what state government regulates. He has ZERO experience and little knowledge of economics. Allow me to explain:

When you work for a company, say you are paid $12 to bake bread loaves. You want a raise to $15. The owner says they cannot afford it. Remember, your needs and desires are balanced against the entire company's balance sheet, every other employee, and every competitor they have in the marketplace. 

When the government steps in, as they have in Venezuela, and says you must raise salaries, companies must comply. In Venezuela 40% of all business closed overnight when salary hikes were enforced. Unemployment skyrocketed.

Here is what would happen in the North Carolina:

Does anyone actually read the news? Not just view video clips, but learn the details?

I do. I need to know. When you see Antifa (supposed anti-fascists), what does that remind you of from history?

They tout socialism, which makes them socialists. The NAZIs were national socialists. The very people they claim to oppose shared their beliefs. Antifa touts globalism which makes them communist (the red hammer and sickle flags they carry are communist flags). They are invariably DEMOCRATS. These are not the Democrats of our youth. JFK and others would abhor them. They wear masks and hoods because they know what they are doing, attacking innocent people on the street, in restaurants, and at work is WRONG. They are violent. And worst, they feel justified to use violence against anyone that will not agree with them.

The most recent incident (August 2018) involving national news figure Candace Owens, who is black, and the police protecting her when she was attacked on the street, who were black and Hispanic, should give everyone pause.

1. No matter how much you disagree with someone you have no right to physically scream in their face, throw things at them, hit them, use weapons on them, nor stalk them. That is what Antifa did. A bunch of white guys and gals in hoods and masks attacked a black woman at a restaurant, drove her out, then followed her chanting threats.

This is not similar to something in history. This is exactly the same as the history of the KKK. This is exactly what hooded figures did to terrorize blacks and others across this nation for decades. Minorities were denied service, denied peace, and more. Antifa can pretend they are fighting for justice, but the irony cannot be lost that they attacked a black woman because she didn't agree with them.

And the disagreement is over items like tax policy, and political stance. Antifa has never been able to point to an underlying grievance except to call everyone racists, which we are not.

2. No matter who you are, including the Democratic party and Antifa, you have a right to speak, to walk freely in public, to be served, to eat in peace, to not be assaulted. YOUR rights end when you infringe on others. There have been 530+ serious documented attacks on Trump supporters since before the election from these so called "rights" groups. People were sent to the hospital. For attending a Trump rally. For wearing a baseball cap.

The Democrats would like to tell you Trump and anyone who supports him are racists. Untrue. Our President has worked tirelessly to open up new investigations into poverty, prisons and other features of our society which drag down American families. He has worked to free captives from overseas, not caring about their race. He has freed those unjustly imprisoned. He had won awards and the praise of many minority groups for 40 years prior to running for President. He integrated country clubs and ended discrimination when he took ownership of resorts. History doesn't change. What you've been told has changed.

The left in this nation has gone over the edge. They threaten, harm and belittle anyone, including blacks, who demand to think for themselves. 

Can anyone else in this district see that this community has been played by the Democrats? A few minority officials get into office and that is supposed to be a big deal. They enrich themselves. We've seen it repeatedly. Conditions in the inner city barely improve or get worse. Yet, here we are again, about to let another Democrat with a hidden agenda control your lives if he gets elected to the State Senate.

As your State Senator, I would support the arrest of anyone wearing a hood or mask to threaten or harass others. It is not acceptable. It is a part of violent history that must end. The Democrats have a history of subjugating minorities. They voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments which declared slaves were PEOPLE and freed them! They created Jim Crow laws. They denied the vote to blacks for decades. They practiced eugenics, forced sterilization, and the destruction of black children until the 1970s in North Carolina! They stood against the Civil Rights Amendment in Congress until President Johnson said that black people would vote for the Democrats for 100 years if it was passed.

Fifty-four years later and he was right. The perception is that the Democrats are your friend. They want to claim all the racists came over to the Republican party. No. No they did not. Hillary Clinton called Democratic Senator Robert Byrd her mentor. A guiding light for her. He was a Grand Dragon in the KKK. How clear does this have to be?

Democrats are not what they propose. They destroyed the family with the removal of the father imposing welfare restrictions which guarantee NO WAY OUT. They destroyed the economic infrastructure of black communities where they once thrived more than now. They destroyed this nation's manufacturing base when they taxed them to death. They left the country. Wouldn't you? They destroyed the ability of communities to rebuild. Crime became so rampant from the lack of employment that cities became wastelands, food deserts, and areas where no services are present at all. The Democrats undermined advancement while telling black people they are your friend. They are not.

Did you know it was Nixon who supported and passed Affirmative Action, not the Democrats?

President Nixon asserted, "We would not impose quotas, but would require federal contractors to show 'affirmative action' to meet the goals of increasing minority employment." A Republican forced government bidders to comply and hire, train, employ, and advance minorities. We've been lied to for years.

As a candidate who has an 85% deficit running in this race I have to do what I say I will do once in office. If I don't perform well for this district, I automatically lose. I am asking the families trapped in poverty here to think about this carefully. Do you want an advocate who can truly get more jobs to this area, more services, more help - or do you still believe the Democrat in the race is being honest when he won't even state whether he would try to impose Sharia law if given the chance?

Look at the chart on my opening article. This state has improved incredibly since Republicans took control from 44th in U.S. business climate for job creation to 11th. We are number one in many subcategories. More young people in this district are working than ever before. They have a chance. Do not give the Democrats the state back to destroy our surplus, to impose incredible taxation, and remove the progress we've made. Businesses are LEAVING California because of taxation. North Carolina cannot afford to slip backwards because my opponent wants to "tax the rich". I have some sad news for everyone. Even if you taxed every single rich person in this nation every cent they have you couldn't run the government for more than 90 days. 

When you impose higher corporate taxes you tax the poor! Every product goes up in price because companies don't absorb the tax, YOU DO! You also lose any of the jobs they would create because they can't afford to expand when taxes are higher.

Charlotte was just named the top most up and coming city for livability in this nation. We have a long way to go for many who live here, but we are making good strides. Let us continue that.

It is time to #WalkAway

Vote Rivette this year.

Here we go again.

Another run for the State Senate, and now we have a newcomer, Mujtaba Mohammed, a young lawyer who has no business experience whatsoever versus my 30+ years in business. While his heart is in the right place, he seems to miss the point of HOW to create higher income for all citizens, HOW to raise people out of poverty, HOW to create an equitable justice system, and HOW to build affordable housing.

Before I tell you WHY my opponent is another disaster, please READ the chart (click READ MORE). In 2010, the Democrats had control of North Carolina for 138 years. And we had among the lowest standards. They had several generations to get things right, and they didn't, so what makes anyone think now they will magically empower people in North Carolina? In the few years Republicans have the state house North Carolina's rankings have shot up in every positive direction possible. 

I would like to address the main concerns that Mr. Mohammed has touted as important for our district. Better yet, I will tell you HOW I intend to fix these things:

Being a candidate requires you to register to run under one of the major political parties in North Carolina. It is the law. Now, a lot of candidates I've met, don't really fit neatly into their "party mold". Some do, but many don't. But you are stuck with labeling yourself.

I am a Republican. I really am more a Constitutional Conservative. I love our founding documents because they've withstood the test of time. We have become a more mature nation because they limit each "party" at the national level. In our state, we have a similar Constitution, and because of that we have the two party system. Three, if you count the occasional Libertarian candidates who try to compete.

The system is rigged in favor of parties. Which is why a lot of people hate by party. The left hates Republicans. Even though many candidates are not entirely Republican, they are hated. En masse. For no particular reason except they have an "R" after their name. The right can't stand many Democrats. The ones with a "D" after their name. 

Can we not grow up enough to understand that these hatreds are fueled by media, and by internal party groups who WANT to preserve their own power? They enjoy the fact they can spread a few lies and stir up such hatred. 

The fact is, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, doing the best we can to work jobs, build a business, raise our families and get through our daily lives without drama. I think we need to ask ourselves before we vote: Would I want this candidate babysitting my kid? Would I trust them with my cash register at my business? Would I allow them to be my manager at work? Would I invite them over to relax in my backyard. More importantly, Will this person safeguard my life, my property and those I care about regardless of "party". If the answer is NO, then it doesn't really matter what letter comes after their name on the ballot. 

We need to look past labels and start thinking for ourselves. This is critical in unbalanced districts like mine. Anyone other than a D won't be elected unless people look at the individual. Someone once said we should judge on the content of character,... not on superficial characteristics like skin color.

Oh yes. That was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and for those who are wanting to hate on the basis of party - he was a Republican.

Don't believe anything I say - Watch what his niece, Dr. Alveda King, has to say - Dr. Alveda King Explains Her Uncle's Political Position

They interviewed me and it only took four years to get around to it.

They had me answer some vague questions. I insisted I respond in writing so there was no mistake in translation. Then they had me call to "review" the writing and took "notes". They did confirm they were able to determine I have no criminal record, but also told me that others running for office DO have criminal records. Very interesting.

 Thanks to Karen Sullivan who took the time to seek me out and write a story.

UPDATE*** Feb. 15, 2016 -  I received this note:

Mr. Rivette,

I wanted to let you know that the editors here have decided to hold the comments you gave me until we begin our coverage of the general election. For the primary, we will focus on the contested races. So I'll be in touch down the road. Thank you for your help with the story.


I am curious to see how the article turns out since this is what I supplied them with for source material:

1. The challenger: 

I am a seasoned business professional who has always taken an interest and charitably served his community in a quiet manner for the past 35 years. My background includes working in marketing, product development, manufacture promotion, and related fields.

Having climbed out of poverty to create more than one business in my lifetime, I have been blessed by others. Consequently, I try to reach out and help those around me. I view my candidacy as a way of helping many families in this state and helping my nation through positive economic growth. 

As a Senator you gain a pulpit through which you can formulate legislation and methods which support economic development. You can also remove some of the many impediments to building new ventures. I take the responsibility of working for our nearly ten million North Carolina residents very seriously, and will devote myself to gathering other like-minded community members to conceive, plan and assist in the goal of growing the Charlotte region job base.

2. Candidate at-a-glance:

Age: 55

Education: Advertising/Marketing, Constitutional and Criminal Law, various Computer Coding courses – School of Visual Arts, Broward College and Gaston Community College

Professional experience: Over 35 years in business and product development working with companies ranging from start-ups to conglomerates in two dozen industrial categories. I have been a consultant and owner, and continue to work with individuals and firms seeking growth.

Political resume: I was the GOP nominee for this same seat in 2012 and 2014.

Family: Married, one child.


3. Why this race matters:

This district in Mecklenburg County is very diverse and contains the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and many wonderful upscale, and middle-class neighborhoods and shopping areas. It also is home to some of the most impoverished areas with the highest unemployment in the state and food deserts where you cannot walk to a grocery with decent prices and get what you need for your family. 

The jobs that are available, very often, are what most would consider “dead-end”, low-wage positions and heavy-labor jobs. None of what the previous Democratic legislatures (for over 135 years), or our current State Senator Ford, have done has had any positive impact on this district. In fact, we have been virtually ignored by our Senator. For 24 years now we had promises of great results, then nothing happened. This continues to this day. It is as if obtaining the position and voting in the legislature is enough. But it has not helped put food on our tables or stabilized our neighborhoods. 

I intend to change that. I will not sit down or just go along with the status quo, regardless of which party holds power. We have tens of thousands of desperate neighbors in our district. It is time we have someone capable of supporting the generation of real job opportunities, better education, improved infrastructure, and a brighter future. I will not stop working to target businesses to locate here. All other societal ills stem from a lack of opportunity, hope and desperation to survive. If we have the careers needed so entire families can advance, many of our problems would disappear. This is the key to our future. 

I am under no illusions. This district is weighted 85% in favor of my opponent. It is 67% African-American Democrat. So why should they trust some white Republican to help them? The easy answer is you have continuously elected those loyal to their party, loyal to the system, but you have never elected someone loyal to YOU. Your needs come first. 

I had no political name or background before the last two elections. I have run clean campaigns without taking money from special interests, so I could vote the way our citizens require, not because someone tells me to vote a certain way. My opponent took tens of thousands of dollars to date, for years, for a position that pays about $14,000 per year. He didn’t take those funds because he intended to help this district. He helped himself. If I do earn funding from any source they must understand I will not be selling votes. That must be clear. I find it odd that a Democrat who promised to do a good job for his district would instead vote 80% of the time with his opposition, often against the needs of this district. It is time to elect someone with clean hands who does not bow to pressure. I cannot be purchased. 

My background, abilities, and willingness to prove myself to this district should warrant a second look, if not a vote. We have given the chance to Senator Ford to make the play, and get us in the game. He did nothing of value. He has had little or no interaction with people who can work with him to make things happen here. He shows up to shake hands and that is all. He explains why he is right. I’d rather we are successful than have a Senator who glad hands his way through office. If I am fortunate enough to win office in this district it will send a clear message to both parties and every other rep – people are fed up with excuses. It is time to put Charlotte to work. That is my mission. 

4. Where the candidates stand:

While my opponent has claimed to be a business professional, who stands up for economic development, his record speaks otherwise. You can be a cheerleader for good ideas (generated by others) or you can get your hands dirty and figure out real solutions by enticing and establishing NEW jobs to locate here, and support those companies willing to invest in our community.

I want the citizens, and especially the voters of the African-American and lower income communities here, to know what Senator Ford has accomplished for you – nothing. And he had a stellar opportunity to change the course of Charlotte’s history two years ago.

Unknown to most Charlotteans, the Toyota Corporation, one of the world’s leading auto manufacturers, had chosen Charlotte as a finalist for locating their North American headquarters. It was between us, Atlanta and Texas. Texas won the bid. 

We could have had several thousand new jobs at entry-level to production to corporate executive posts created here on the west side of Charlotte. And with a shining new headquarters came the probable creation of a manufacturing plant in the not-too-distant future here in North Carolina, given our rail lines, roadways and other beneficial features. With that would come job training and creation like never before seen in this region. An auto plant can lift entire regions from poverty to prosperity. The benefits from automotive production would have been staggering.

I worked in marketing for syndicated automotive distribution in the early 1980s. I can tell you that for every direct job the manufacturer would have created, seven more jobs in the community would have been created; from entrepreneurial ventures to other small businesses. There is a huge ripple effect which would benefit everyone. That opportunity would have been the anchor needed to revitalize the entire Beattie’s Ford Road corridor Charlotte so desperately needs. Did our current sitting Senator tour the Toyota executives? Create a presentation of his own, develop a plan or write them? Call or email them? Did he use his position to benefit our state? Did he even know about the venture until it was too late? No. He was busy online playing fantasy basketball and posting his notes on social media to be bothered with the opportunity. 

We could have seen tens of millions of dollars in direct property and other taxes during the construction/installation of the company headquarters. We could have benefitted from several hundred million dollars in taxes from products, especially the income from manufacturing right here in our region. Instead, our Senator did nothing, said nothing, and produced zero. 

Some may say, well it wasn’t his job. I disagree. Yes it is his job. As Senator, my job is whatever is needed by our district to help this area and state succeed. If you make the decision to serve, then do so, serve the community by helping it however possible. Making legislative decisions is the barest responsibility of the position. Being outraged at injustice is a band-aid. It accomplishes nothing.

It is up to our state representatives to take the initiative to find, cultivate and build relationships to attract, retain and grow business in our state. We miss out on billions of dollars of income because those who say they support growth, only support it ideologically. They have no clue how to actually target and attract companies. I do. I will make it my first task. I have attempted in the private sector to do this but found our state’s tax policies and poorer education hold us back. THAT is why I am running to be your Senator.

My primary job as Senator will be to gather our best community resources and determine who to target for re-location or business development here in OUR district. All I ask to do this task is for voters to open their eyes and expect results of their representatives. 

My second major priority must be education. Our current system is terribly flawed. I love teachers. The job they attempt to do is amazing while their hands are tied, earning low pay. I have taught at co-op for years in the areas of Language Arts, Graphics, HTML and other courses. I have also taught within the scouting program helping develop leadership skills among youth through Eagle coursework. I know how to lesson plan, and develop talent. I know the problems and challenges. 

For all the screaming my opponent did about needing to raise teacher pay he was never a part of that chorus before taking office, while Democrats controlled the entire budget for over 135 years. It took a Republican Governor, legislature and resolve to generate over one BILLION dollars in pay raises these past sessions. I intend to continue that drive forward until teaching in North Carolina becomes extremely attractive nationwide. We can begin to find the money by removing many layers of unneeded bureaucracy which hamstrings teachers in the classroom. Administrators should not be earning huge salaries while those who do the actual work with students are ignored.

You GET quality in education by supporting educators, not the “bureaucractic system”. No bureaucracy ever produced talented, accomplished students. Only the teacher/student interaction did that, and successfully for many years, in many locations without behemoth districts. Some of the best performing schools are the ones untethered from unyielding, uncreative, bureaucratic control. Large districts do not work. Break them up. Clearly, the path we have followed has produced lower scores and fewer results regardless of cash influx. It is time to rethink HOW education is delivered in North Carolina so all our schools function at their peak and teachers feel valued.

Third, but not finally, I want to address infrastructure as it is the basis by which continued growth is even possible. The I-77 toll project is a trap to extract taxes in a new way while still not solving the congestion problem. Those tolls will never disappear. This will penalize all growth north of Charlotte, and destroy the businesses attempting to grow in that region. Instead of misusing our highway funds for funneling work to overseas contractors we should cancel the contract and focus on getting the project done through cooperative effort in-state. We know we can do this if we have the leadership and resolve. I know this may differ from some entrenched personalities involved in the toll project but I feel the entire process has been corrupted. It is my understanding that the company, CINTRA, may have charges against it in Spain which it did not reveal during the negotiation process. That alone would warrant contract cancellation without remuneration or penalty. It would be a great story if the journalists here could pursue it and find out more about CINTRA.

For other projects, this state must focus on fixing its roadways and providing future growth avenues in transportation facilities, and more.

 5. About the candidate:

In 2012, I decided that I could not watch our state flounder any longer. We have raised our family here and look forward to participating in all that North Carolina has to offer as we age. This state is incredible. We have everything from the mountains to the shore and every type of weather. Our basic infrastructure is sound and can be improved. It seems the only thing we are lacking in pursuing a better life for all citizens is resolve.

I have that resolve. When I lost the election in 2012 I had naysayers tell me, before and after, that you can never win. That is exactly the wrong attitude towards life in general. Anything can and does happen. My opponent outspent me 30 or 40 to one yet I managed, in a district 85% out of my favor to get that first 15% of the vote. Possibly a little more. Now it was time to spread out and reach out to those who would not agree with everything I propose. 

In 2014 I increased my percentage to nearly 20%. Now I am making inroads into my opponent’s base. It is a slow process but the more people I speak with on the west side, the more they are convinced that our current Senator has no interest in doing the job effectively. He has the title, the authority and shows up to vote, but he has failed to move any legislation benefitting this region, and worse, he ignored incredible opportunities. This is quite possibly because he only understands the periphery of the job requirements. He has shown no interest in actually improving our lives. I am his constituent too, and although I offered to work with him on ideas to help our area he has never responded. He did block me from his Twitter account when he realized I was reading his broadcasts and responding. He also refuses to debate me, and in 2014 he cowardly skipped the one and only televised debate. How childish is that and how does that benefit our district? I am challenging him to debate me leading up to this election, if he wins the primary. Given his newest challengers, he may not.

My goal this election is to gain enough votes to reach the 51% mark. To accomplish that task I will need to have many more people understand my positions, and why they are correct for this area. That my drive, and eager attitude are what is needed to succeed. What those who question our current lack of leadership must understand, most importantly, about my being elected is this – once elected I MUST produce results or I have no chance of ever maintaining the position. I am outvoted automatically. So I am asking you to consider this as my job application.

Vote Richard Rivette. Give this outsider from the other party a chance to prove himself to you, and together we can get Charlotte to work. 




Everyone knows the old saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

But how many of us internalize the meaning? Does it mean try once or twice then give up?

I achieved around 15% of the vote my first time out in a district where the Democrats were holding their national convention. The next time I nearly garnered 20% of the vote. In a district weighted 85% against me, that means I am getting votes from members of the opposing party and unaffiliated voters, perhaps fed up with business as usual. In my next bid I climbed a bit farther, and now all the maps have been redrawn. 

Anything can happen. I am in this for the long haul. This is not a hobby. Something you do for fun. Believe me, and anyone else who ever ran for office, the work is hard, the hours are long, there is strain on every part of your life, there is literally no reward, and in the end you rely on strangers who can propel your ideas into office or stop you cold.

Election day is uplifting or a hard slap down. Either way, the nation continues as does our state. We need to uplift this city and state, and we need to do it now as never before. I believe I have the abilities necessary to help in that regard.

A man I know and like to reference once ran for the state house in his state and lost. The same year he lost his job. He tried to start a business and failed. His fiancé died. Then he had a nervous breakdown. Then, when finally elected to the statehouse he was defeated for the Speakership. Later, he was defeated in his bid for Congress, finally elected, then lost renomination, and was defeated. He was defeated for land officer, defeated for a US Senate bid, defeated for nomination as Vice President, then AGAIN defeated for the US Senate. For 30 years this failure must have been the laughing stock of his state and nation. WHO would put themselves through that and for what purpose?

I believe sometimes we are called to tasks which seem impossible, and we throw up our hands when we should get to work and quietly try again.

So when people innocently ask, and sometimes condescendingly, “Why are you running again?”, or they say, “You can’t win!” - I have to tell them about someone I admire who never gave up. You may have met him too. But maybe it would be better if I related some words of this historic loser, this ridiculous nobody who everyone dismissed for several decades, to give you a better perspective on why anyone should keep working hard against the odds. Sometimes there is a reason to pursue the goal.

Maybe on your next trip to Washington, D.C. you can visit the loser in question. In a momentous time he penned then spoke these words:

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” ­– Abraham Lincoln

It is why we should always try again. Lincoln was a continuous failure his entire life it seemed, until his nation needed his abilities and chose him to save a country and free a people.

I will work for your vote.

It is why I am a Republican. I need votes from every group to win.

And it is why I am running…again.

Together, we can put Charlotte and this state, back to work and elevate ALL of our citizens.


His whole life, he quietly gave of his time to a wide range of charitable organizations, helping with fundraising and many other items:

  • Fundraised for public libraries, children’s charities and medical charities.
  • Served on homeowner’s board of directors and founded a community theatre board.
  • He worked on many projects to raise money for those in need including Haitian refugees and displaced Hurricane Andrew families.

He volunteered for many causes long before it became fashionable as touted by the government.

When others had shied away from confrontation, he and his wife organized rallies against the Klan. He believes in the equal rights of the Constitution and that we should all have equal opportunity if we are to survive as a nation.


His product analysis and development skills combined with international business background helped propel him into his most charitable and challenging efforts to date:

  • On January 12, 2010, when the earthquake struck Haiti he put his business on hold for months, and helped gather a consortium of manufacturers and developers to attack the problem of homelessness in Haiti, to provide inexpensive yet durable and effective housing for the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.
  • The housing was inherently planned to counter the effects of disease, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other issues.
  • The U.S. State Department requested that FEMA authorized contractors step up to collaborate and Mr. Rivette was integral to part of the private sector effort.
  • As a representative for clients, he participated in several high level conferences in Washington and Miami.
  • He chaired and gave the opening statement at the Global Conference on Reconstruction for Haiti, joining industry and government leaders in conference.
  • Submitted comprehensive housing plans and materials for the Clinton/Bush foundation.
  • Met with members of the Haitian government and the professional Haitian Diaspora community worldwide.
  • For months, he also consulted with industry leaders, and then to discuss proposals with the U.S. Commerce Secretary Locke at the industrial gathering in Washington, D.C.
  • He promoted the integration of experienced businesses with the NGOs in the field, the U.S. and Haitian governments, and prepared for the installation of demonstration housing models on the island.
  • He also designed a model city plan to include a more modern infrastructure to counter known diseases and security issues.

This work also positioned his clients for providing disaster assistance in Chile after their earthquake, and for mining concerns in West Africa.


Richard Rivette knows personally what it is like to start out with nothing, work against adversity to achieve, and help others grow their ideas. Now, he would like to have a hand in providing an atmosphere conducive to job creation in North Carolina.

Having spent a lifetime acquiring new skills and knowledge in a wide range of industries, as well as an understanding of government regulation compliance, and the creation of jobs for many companies, Richard Rivette feels he is poised to serve this state and make decisions that could alleviate budget problems, improve education, eliminate crime, support public services, solve complex issues, and provide North Carolina with new impetus to move forward financially.

Currently, he is back in Charlotte, working in a consulting firm. He has been married to the same woman for 30 years and they have been blessed with one child, now off to college.

Richard hopes to befriend many people during this campaign and learn more about his neighbors. He believes that everyone can have a seat at the table.


  • In the early 1990s, he had developed a reputation for providing advertising support and business development materials and advice.
  • His networks began to stretch across the oceans and he began analyzing and developing manufactured goods for domestic and international markets.
  • His experience includes working directly with clients and concerns in the European Union, China & Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, West Africa, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • His packaged work, and support materials appeared on television infomercials, and in regional and national chains, such as Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, and dozens of others. His efforts were key to supporting over $100 million in direct product sales worldwide and the creation of several dozen brands.
  • For these projects, he had to learn to work in multiple languages, although not fluently, using French and Spanish, among others.
  • During this phase of business growth, he returned to college to study Psychology, Sociology, Constitutional and Criminal Law, and Spanish.
  • Later, he took collegiate courses in HTML coding, Java and JavaScript to support his expanded interest in internet technologies. He currently also uses PHP coding, Perl, CGI-Bin, adapts dynamic modules and performs other programming tasks as needed.
  • In the mid-1990s, recognized for his ability to conduct intensive research, he was also asked to review investigations involving high level criminal cases by the legal community.
  • He spent five years assigned by state and Federal judiciary as a licensed private investigator to criminal matters, in addition to running his own marketing concern.
  • He also worked on anti-counterfeiting cases and wrote summaries for mitigating circumstances in capital criminal cases working as the defense investigator for those who faced the death penalty.


  • He continued to consult clients worldwide, expanding his catalogue of work supporting in excess of a billion dollars in client sales.
  • His materials have been seen on QVC, HSN, online, and in most major stores.
  • He worked for a multi-national corporation rewriting their proposal shell, troubleshooting publishing issues and supported the development of new Fortune 1000 accounts. For his various efforts, he was named North American Associate of the Year.
  • Over the next decade, he consulted medical and healthcare clients in various parts of the country.
  • For other clients, he formed startups in categories such as: boating, resorts, manufactured housing, and appliances – establishing brands and developing entirely new market opportunities which lead to expanded job creation.
  • He built national dealer networks and created trade show presence for various firms, including international export support for American manufacturers.
  • In reaction to the economy of the past three years, he has stepped in to help save companies by defining new markets, altering products, and connecting companies with investors.
  • Expert at writing RFP responses for large bids, he secured contracts for American companies to sustain HUD zone firms through the current economy in excess of $1.8 billion dollars.


  • Grew up in rural area, with a single mother during the 1960s, helping raise a younger brother in less than ideal circumstances.
  • Studied to excel and gain scholarships during secondary school – winning awards for language, art, science, and lettering in debate.
  • Worked from age 13 as a janitor, dishwasher, later as a busboy and prep cook in restaurants his entire youth.
  • In high school founded the school newspaper and built a graphic arts shop for which he won an award from the Western Publishing Company.
  • Earned a Governor’s Art award and had his work on display in the state legislature.
  • Took charge of advertising sales to fund the class yearbook since the school had no funds during an austerity budget crisis.
  • Produced live entertainment to raise money to help fund the sports programs.
  • Worked to attend college in New York, studying marketing, communications, and advertising, while living in the South Bronx helping to care for his elderly blind grandmother – whose family immigrated legally to this country in 1905-1908.
  • Learned about issues facing disabled seniors at that time.
  • In Florida, he pursued a career in advertising, marketing and communications, first for smaller firms, then, securing a position with a national firm that had contracts with NASA and the Space Shuttle. Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival the company experienced 75% job losses due to executive mismanagement.
  • Using the layoff as a springboard, he launched his own company and began cultivating clients in the region, and ultimately throughout the United States and Caribbean.
  • When starting his first company, he had to finance equipment at 24% interest, so he understands where our current economy is headed, if we do not make haste in correcting the situation.
  • As a creative director, he also wrote and produced music for professional stage productions and served as technical director for over 120 regional shows over a five-year period.
  • Over the following 30-year period he served as a consultant over a wide range of marketing, research, planning and communications projects in two dozen industrial categories including manufacturing, financial, insurance, healthcare, environmental engineering, telecommunications, construction, real estate, travel & tourism, computer software, housewares, publishing, retail furniture, health products, appliances, apparel, food products and more.
  • In the early 1980s, at the beginning of the computer revolution, Richard Rivette became an evangelist supporting Apple and the proliferation of laser digital composition and document creation using the newly introduced Macintosh. He studied the adaptability and interface of the computers, mating them with the compositing systems to create a laser printer driver for a private printing company.
  • At this time, he added computer networking and software instruction to his repertoire working on the presentation for IBM as it introduced the first LAN.
  • He steadily gained a client list as he assisted small to medium size businesses to convert to the information age.
  • Among these business leaders, he found mentors. As he educated them on computers, networking and provided his creative talents to write, design and produce their materials, he gained an expanded education on business, industry, and the importance of capitalism by many people who grew something from nothing.
  • In the late 1980s, he began his education in environmental issues and regulations while working with clients involved in remediation of toxic waste and issues surrounding major pipelines.
  • During this time, he helped a large multi-national environmental engineering firm to secure a one hundred million dollar proposal. This spear-headed a life-long interest and concern for keeping our environment clean and balancing the needs of business with those of our ecosystems.
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