Civil Rights & Freedom

Most North Carolinians are hard-working and responsible people. They pay their taxes on time, show up at work each day, and don't have anything to hide.  However, the Constitution of the United States was written as a restraint on government. Strict privacy laws were developed to ensure that our most private affairs remained so, and that citizens of the United States could trust their government. Unfortunately, we have seen how the FBI, NSA, IRS and other agencies sworn to work for us, have now been used as tools against citizens who did nothing wrong.

As many Americans have discovered, the federal government has abused it's authority by wiretapping US citizens and creating laws which circumvent due process. The US government simply is not allowed to intervene in the affairs of private citizens if it does not have the permission to do so. 

Richard Rivette has had enough, and he plans to send a message to the federal government that it's intrusiveness is no longer allowed. 

In doing so, he will take the following actions:

  • Follow the example of Maryland and forbid the NSA and federal government from using state resources to spy on NC citizens. This will keep the NSA from establishing a foothold in Charlotte or anywhere in NC and keep them from using utilities, public and private records, communication networks or any other resources.
  • Have any federal agent whom acts outside of NC and US constitutional authority arrested and tried in NC's court system.  
  • Lead a full investigation into the actions of the NSA and the federal government within the state of NC and prosecute any individuals whom are guilty of illegally spying on NC citizens.

Under NC's constitution, the federal government does not have the right to gather information without a search warrant.  It's time that we enforce our laws, and encourage other states to do the same before it's too late.


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