Congratulations to my opponent for holding a State Senate seat in a district weighted 87% in his favor. Now that he has won, the hard work begins. Maybe now he will explain how he intends to effect positive change with our limited state budget. He worked very hard to win. But he neglected to tell us how he was going to raise all the money to fund his desired expansion of benefits programs... I have actual plans that will work without raising taxes. 

Unfortunately, his ideas, like the Film Tax Credit he wants to restore is a drain on state funds - you see, had he done the research he would know that state businesses only earned back 19 cents on every dollar the state invested in each film. So he can't do that as it doesn't generate income. It actually costs us money, which is why it was cancelled.

With the passage of the Constitutional Amendment limiting the tax rates he can't raise taxes above 7%. CLICK BELOW TO READ ON...

Please watch this Prager University video and you will understand the Democrat strategy of painting Republicans as racists.

Carol Swain is a Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University.



Where's The Beef?

Better Yet... Where's The Money?

My opponent keeps railing about having a majority that will reprioritize spending in North Carolina. There is a limited amount of income in the form of revenue produced by individuals and businesses that the state is given to spend. There is no additional pot of money available. I challenge him and anyone else out there to tell me in this summary of state spending exactly WHAT we are supposed to stop spending on so we can get teacher's further raises, build affordable housing, expand Medicaid, etc.

All of the spending ideas from Democrats are GOOD. They really are what is best for our citizens. We ALL want children cared for with a good education, a decent meal and a roof over their head. That would be ideal. We cannot deficit spend to achieve it. North Carolina finally paid back some of its long-term debt so we are not constantly paying interest on debt for overspending which occurred many years ago.

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